Christmas 2012

I love Christmas! This year we stayed in St. George with Brad's parents for Christmas. It was the first time we were not at our own house Christmas morning. We had a fun time and got to share it with Brads parents, and Brother Scott and his family.
We did our usual tradition of going to my Mom's house for Christmas dinner and then the grandkids act out the Nativity scene.
Tradition at Grandma Hawkers is she always gets all the grandkids matching pajamas. Notice Andy is replaced by the dog cause he fell asleep before we got to the pajamas.
Christmas morning all our kids with thier stockings
MaKayla got a Laptop this year
Izzy got an iPod
Andy and Emily both got LeapPads
Brad got sweet Pilot Sunglasses
I got a sweet watch for Running

December Activities

December is usually a busy month and this year was no exception. We had a fun time doing lots of fun activities with the kids and family. Here are some of our favorite moments!
Helping Grandma Hawker decorate her Christmas Tree
Visiting my family. Briggs, Andy, and Braiden are all the same age. They had so much playing like Army men and wrestling with each other!
Decorating Gingerbread Men
We went to the Ethel M Chocolate Museum. We saw how they make and package their chocolate. They also have a huge cactus garden all lit up with lights.
A night out at Chucke Cheese!
Its blurry but a family photo at the Christmas Display at the Bellagio
Me and Emily got to spend a day Christmas Shopping!
Brad and I at his work Sundance Christmas Party
MaKayla and Brad
We went out shopping and having fun together!